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Look Inside: Dale's Market - Branchville, NJ

Dale's Market
Owner: Ed Campbell
Opened: 1983
Cooperative: none
 396 US-206, Branchville, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
We arrive in the tiny Sussex County town of Branchville, with a population of just over 800 (plus one grocery store, of course). Is that the smallest town we've ever visited on the blog? Maybe. This can be debated, but let me pose the following claim: this is the smallest town in New Jersey that has a full supermarket. The only smaller town in the state with a lower population and any kind of substantial grocery store is Stockton, which we'll be seeing in a little less than three weeks, but I'd be hard-pressed to call their store a full supermarket. Meanwhile, Dale's is just 5,000 square feet, but contains a full produce, deli, butcher, dairy, and frozen selection. (Stockton's population is about 500.)
It looks like this space may have been a long-ago general store or the like, which was expanded many times.
Dale's Market uses the Best Yet storebrand from C&S. They also have a second location in Blairstown, which we'll be seeing in just a few days.
Butcher/deli/hot food on the back wall. How about that selection in such a small place?!
And as we see, we have a pretty full selection of grocery also. Cool little place for sure! Now we're moving on to the metropolis of Sussex County, Newton, with a whopping 8000 people (it's also the county seat) for tomorrow's three stores -- two on The Market Report and one right here on The Independent Edition!