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TOUR: Hammondsport Grocery - Hammondsport, NY

Hammondsport Grocery
Owner: Martin Bailey
Opened: 2007 under current ownership
Cooperative: none
Location: 22 Shethar St, Hammondsport, NY
Photographed: August 2020
We are here in Hammondsport for our final store at the final lake! Hammondsport is at the southern tip of Keuka Lake, with Bath (where we're headed next) just to the south. However, on my previous trip through the Finger Lakes, I didn't make it to Hammondsport, likely because I didn't end up at Keuka and there's only one grocery store in the small downtown of Hammondsport.
Before we tour this 9,000 square foot store, I want to give a shout-out to Wise Guys Pizza of Hammondsport. They have some of the best calzones and strombolis I've ever had, about two blocks away from this store. Grab yourself some lunch at Wise Guys and then come by Hammondsport Grocery for your shopping!
Previously the Hammondsport Big M (as shown in the following picture posted inside the store), this supermarket has now expanded into the neighboring bank area with a deli-cafe section.  The building is pitched-roofed, but the ceiling is not exposed inside. Given the phrase "Food Shop," something we have seen most with Shur-Fine stores, this probably was also a Shur-Fine at some point.
You enter in the front left to produce and dairy in the first aisle. Butcher/meat runs along the back wall, with frozen foods on the right side wall. Customer service and two registers are at the front, with a pass-through to the expansion with deli/bakery/cafe.
As we'll see, although the store is fairly small and is definitely on the older side, it's not without its upgrades and has been maintained very nicely.
Dairy takes up the rest of the first aisle.
Beautiful new dairy cases!
As we saw in Prattsburgh, the meat department is the only department to really get its own signage. I had a little trouble getting the full sign in one shot, but you get the idea...
We also see some prepared foods back here.
The grocery aisles are beautifully clean and organized.
Once again, Hammondsport Grocery sells Best Yet products.
Nonfoods here in aisle 6, with wine, beer, beverages, and frozen in aisle 7 which is the last aisle...
...which continues onto the front wall...
Now for the front end, which was surprisingly busy and therefore hard to photograph.
As you can see on the far wall, there's a doorway that takes you into the deli/prepared foods department, which also has its own entrance/exit.
Pretty sure that alcove to the left would've been the bank's after-hours deposit box. That wraps up our tour of the Hammondsport Grocery, so be sure to head over to Grocery Archaeology the next two days for a look at two stores in Bath!