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TOUR: T-Burg ShurSave - Trumansburg, NY

T-Burg ShurSave
Owner: Jimmy Seafuse
Opened: 1982
Cooperative: None
Location: 2085 NY-96, Trumansrbug, NY
Photographed: August 2020
I first visited this store in November 2016 but that was a few months before I started photographing stores. So I was excited about the chance to return and photograph it this past summer. It's quite a good store and the largest in its region, at about 30,000 square feet. But mostly, it's very nicely remodeled despite its somewhat rundown exterior appearance.
You enter on the left side to a beautiful grand aisle. Lining the left side wall is customer service, bakery/prepared foods, and deli, with packaged beverages and a cafe on the right side. Produce is at the back of the grand aisle. A note on the store's name, it displays the ShurSave branding but is not affiliated with the ShurSave group of northeastern PA nor of southeastern PA. My understanding of it is that all of these stores were previously affiliated with York, PA-based Associated Wholesalers, but following that company's bankruptcy they split into local groups and some became totally independent.
Between the bakery and customer service counters is a small dining room behind customer service. There is also seating on the sales floor to the right.
Prepared foods and deli are next along the left side wall.
Deli counter at the back of the side wall.
Baked goods, single-serve beverages, and the seating area take up the front part of the grand aisle.
A gorgeous produce department takes up the back corner of the store.
Up next along the back wall is a bulk candy center. Pretty cool!
Liquor department takes up the first grocery aisle.
Moving towards the back wall, we find a spacious and attractive meat department. Dairy lines the last aisle, with frozen foods on the front wall. The store is very wide and shallow, meaning the checkouts only take up about half of the width of the front wall.
Looks like there was some work going on at the butcher counter, which was temporarily closed. I wish they painted the whole ceiling black and not just over the produce department.
Dairy lines one side of the last aisle with frozen facing.
And continuing along the front wall is the rest of frozen foods, with bread and then organic and gluten free foods in front. A selection that not too many other supermarkets in this area have, except for the chain stores like Tops or Wegmans.
I do love the decor!
Looking back towards dairy in the last aisle. You can see that this store feels quite large and spacious.
And looking across the front end in the other direction, back towards the grand aisle. That wraps up our tour of this beautiful store, up next we have another really nice store outside of Ithaca here on The Independent Edition!


  1. Awesome décor in this store! I'm a huge fan of that font in, for example, customer service, and I really dig the subtle touches like the cow patterns in dairy and the snowflake in frozen. Nicely done.

    We've had the black ceiling discussion before, but I might actually agree with you on this one, so long as the lighting would've remained the same in the main salesfloor as it is currently. I'm not a fan of the black ceiling/spotlights only combination. Spotlights make it feel too dark, in my opinion.

    1. Yes, the decor looks great. And I'm with you on the lighting -- that was a problem with a lot of the A&Ps, that they were too dingy because they had black, brown, or beige ceilings but only spot lighting.


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