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TOUR: Modern Market - Moravia, NY

Modern Market
Owner: Thomas Murphy
Opened: 1946
Cooperative: None
Location: 1 E Cayuga St, Moravia, NY
Photographed: August 2020
With Auburn anchoring the northern tip of Owasco Lake (see here and here), there is no equivalent city at the southern tip of the small lake. But about four miles south of the lake, we encounter the small town of Moravia with an independent grocery store in the center of it.
Though it's probably been quite a while since the Modern Market was indeed modern, it's still a great little small town supermarket. I knew I had to check out the decor inside, but I was very impressed with how nicely the store has been maintained.
You enter and turn left to produce and dairy on the left side wall. From there, you can turn left into the expansion (visible in the first picture) which is a walk-in cooler for beer and beverages. With the expansion and another backroom expansion in the back, the store totals just over 10,000 square feet.
Great decor! But you can also see how clean and meticulously stocked the store is.
Looking towards the back wall of the store. You can see one of the two entrances to the walk-in cooler where the gap is between the produce case and the dairy case.
Now moving over into the beverage cooler...
I very much enjoyed my ice-cold iced tea that I got from here on a hot day.
Deli-bakery at the end of the first aisle, with meat continuing along the back wall.
You can see the store is spacious despite its small size.
And I love the clean grocery aisles!
Frozen foods line the right side wall of the store.
Customer service is on the side of frozen foods, with some general merchandise. Checkouts line the rest of the front end.
Our next stop is over on The Market Report at the top of Cayuga Lake!


  1. Replies
    1. Exactly! I loved it -- definitely worth the stop.

  2. The Big M in Dolgeville, NY has similar wall decor to this store, but with a different color scheme. It looks more "modern" than the store itself.

    1. Very interesting -- yeah, that decor looks to be basically identical but repainted. The font/decor is one I associate most with Purity Supreme out in the Boston area but I don't think they were ever out in this part of NY, were they?


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