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TOUR: Mahanoy City Food Store - Mahanoy City, PA

Mahanoy City Food Store
Owner: James Agosti
Opened: 1990 under current ownership
Cooperative: none
 28 S Main St, Mahanoy City, PA
Photographed: November 29, 2019
Welcome to Mahanoy City! With a population of 3500, it's not exactly most people's idea of a city, but it's certainly not the smallest town in the area. And right near the middle of the town is the Mahanoy City Food Store, a grocer of around 5300 square feet that definitely leans more towards full grocery store than convenience store but is rather small.
The outside has changed a bit in the last 30 years, but not too much. I'm not positive for just how long this store has been in business, but it's certainly an institution in Mahanoy City. On the website linked above, definitely check out the former pitched-roof ACME in Mahanoy City, too.
Heading in, we see that the store is a bit like an oversized convenience store but has a pretty solid grocery selection too. Mahanoy City no longer has a full supermarket, with the nearest being the Boyer's and Redner's in Shenandoah.
But that doesn't mean there's not a place to do grocery shopping in Mahanoy City. This store has mostly convenience store items, but also a butcher and deli, some frozen foods, and some dairy. There's really no produce, the only thing missing.
And the Mahanoy City Food Store has Best Yet products from C&S.
The meat is cut in-store -- and here we can also see some of the fixtures are relatively new, such as this refrigerator and some of the dairy cases at the beginning of the store.
The deli seems to be the big draw here.
I love the old heaters and mirrors around the store.
In the front, the store starts to look a bit more like a convenience store, with a large coffee area and lots of packaged baked goods like the Little Debbie items.
There are two registers in the front, and notice that there are shopping carts here too so some people are definitely doing a larger shopping here, probably those who can't get to the stores in Shenandoah.
That is all for Mahanoy City but also for the lower part of the Coal Region! Before we can move onto the northern part, we're going to take a detour for a few weeks to the southwest, to begin our next group. Come back tomorrow to see what's coming up next!