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Look Inside: Lansdale Meats & Deli - Lansdale, PA

Lansdale Meats & Deli
Owner: unknown
Opened: before 2009
Cooperative: none
 1801 N Broad St, Lansdale, PA
Photographed: January 6, 2020
We're here in Lansdale to check out a small butcher shop/deli. I'm not entirely sure why I decided to stop here when I was in the area but it was indeed a fun stop. It's a full, old-fashioned butcher shop with a heck of a lot of meat.
I'd guess the store isn't more than a couple thousand square feet, but there's a lot of selection in the small area. One area on one side of the store has the deli and baked goods, then there's a large butcher area.
Of course, Hatfield pork -- which comes from neighboring Hatfield -- is substantially represented here.
And there's no shortage of meat of all kinds throughout.
There's also an aisle or two of groceries, with some general basics from frozen and dairy too.
That's all for this store, and we're coming to the end of our Northwestern Bucks-Mont group, but we do have two more stores just to the south of here. Come back here to The Independent Edition to check out a large Asian supermarket with a twist tomorrow!