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TOUR: Altomonte's Italian Market - Doylestown, PA

Altomonte's Italian Market
Owner: Vincent & Fran Grispino
Opened: ca. 2014
Cooperative: none
 856 N Easton Rd, Doylestown, PA
Photographed: December 28, 2021
Welcome to our final Doylestown stop! This is a fun one. The 19,000 square foot Altomonte's Italian Market of Doylestown opened around 2014 in what used to be a car dealership (this stretch of Easton Road is Doylestown's strip mall and car dealership area. Every city needs to have one) and the building has been transformed into a very interesting Italian market and wine store.
We enter on the side of the building (where the awning is in the first picture) to the produce department in the back left corner with dairy, frozen, grocery, and meat at the back of the building. A large island with coffee, bakery, olives, and cheese takes up the middle, with prepared foods on the right-side wall. The wine selection, registers, and cafe are at the front of the building.
The store is not all that large but feels plenty spacious. It also has a lot to offer because, not unlike Simply Fresh, the emphasis is on the perishables and perimeter rather than the groceries. I would say this store does have a smaller grocery selection than Simply Fresh, and fewer services overall.
But the departments that are here are beautiful, such as the bakery department opposite produce here in the island.
The grocery selection is more focused on gourmet Italian items than standard groceries.
There are some basic groceries, though, such as these seltzers from Massachusetts chain Roche Brothers. I believe Roche Bros is supplied by Bozzutto's, which is likely why this mixup occurred.
Frozen and dairy are also in this area. The boxes you see are all prepared and frozen dinners.
Note the meat department in the back right corner here. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have gotten a picture of that particular department.
This store reminds me a lot of some of the Livoti's stores in New Jersey.
After the butcher counter is the Salumeria and prepared foods counters.
And opposite that is the cheese. I love the decor here, it's a great mixture of clean and modern and high-end and traditional Italian styles.
Panini and pizza in the front, with the wine department opposite.
And here we see the registers in front of that at the front of the store. We are all done with Doylestown but we have several more stops in northern Bucks and Montgomery counties before we are all done. Tomorrow, we're headed to another higher-end supermarket right on the New Jersey border here on The Independent Edition!