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TOUR: Canisteo ShurFine - Canisteo, NY

Canisteo ShurFine
Owner: Canisteo ShurFine, LLC
Opened: 2016 under current ownership (previously Cy's ShurFine)
Cooperative: none
Location: 56 W Main St, Canisteo, NY
Photographed: August 2020
We're about five miles outside of Hornell in the heart of the Canisteo Valley to visit this approximately 20,000 square foot supermarket. Previously Cy's ShurFine, the store was sold in 2016 and fixed up a bit under the current owners along with another location in Arkport.
Unfortunately, I can't find an owner's name for this store but whoever it is, is doing a great job. The store, though small, is completely full-service. It's also impeccably maintained with a very nice selection. We enter on the right side of the storefront then walk across to the left side where deli, bakery, and prepared foods line the front wall. Produce takes up the first aisle with dairy on the back wall, and meat/butcher and frozen foods in the last aisle to the right.
The bakery department has some beautiful breads and in-store baked pastries.
A very nicely upgraded produce department on the left side of the store. Dairy in brand-new cases continues along the back wall.
Heading into the grocery aisles, we see that this is yet another store with Best Yet storebrand items...
Look how clean and scuff-free that floor is!
Another shot of the back aisle.
The hardware aisle seems to be a new addition and may be an attempt to compete with the neighboring Dollar General.
Beer lines one side of the second-to-last aisle, with the last aisle being meat on the outside wall and frozen foods on the inside aisle.
The butcher counter is in the front corner.
The entrance/exit and a small seating area are on the other side of the cold cut cases to the right, under the hanging light fixtures.
A look across the entire front wall from the meat aisle to the deli department, and in the other direction...
And that's all for the Canisteo ShurFine, a wonderful small-town grocery store! We're now going to jump about 35 miles to the southeast to Big Flats for tomorrow's snapshot here on The Independent Edition.