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Snapshot: Miniers Supermarket - Big Flats, NY

Miniers Supermarket
Owner: Russell Minier
Opened: 1956
Cooperative: unknown
Location: 84 Canal St, Big Flats, NY
Photographed: August 2020
A pretty bad quick look at this store I wish I could've gone into, but unfortunately didn't have the time to. The approximately 20,000 square foot supermarket has been nicely remodeled on the outside from how it previously looked and looks to be a nice store as it was on the inside. I'd love to return and photograph this supermarket... but alas, there are simply too many supermarkets out there that I will never be able to get to. Up next, we're going to head east about 35 miles to the beautiful small town of Owego to visit a store here on The Independent Edition that's been on my bucket list, so to speak, for years!