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Snapshot: Selecto Supermarket - Bristol, PA

Selecto Supermarket
Owner: Ramon Herrera
Opened: 2010 under current ownership
Cooperative: none
Location: 320 Pond St, Bristol, PA
Photographed: 2017
We have an interesting story about the Bristol Selecto Supermarket, both about the store and about my experience. It's a pleasant independent supermarket of about just under 17,000 square feet. It was also built as an A&P, and we can tell the centennial facade is mostly intact. It became a SuperFresh in 1982, which later moved a little distance outside of town to a Futurestore later that decade. I'm unsure of what the store was between 1982 and 2007, the earliest that I can confirm that this was the Selecto Supermarket, but it still to this day maintains its SuperFresh-era decor inside. I do believe it's related in some way to the Selecto Supermarket in Trenton, but I can't confirm that. I stopped by here and took a few pictures back in 2017 and I went inside, but I didn't take any interior pictures unfortunately. It was a clean and well-stocked small store with new fixtures and a few other updates, but older decor and some other things. I posted the pictures on Flickr way back, then somehow subsequently lost them. Years later, after I had deleted them from Flickr due to the limitations with free accounts (at the time, I did not pay for Flickr), I realized that I had lost them and, thanks to some website that had been doing something like "the most popular places to take pictures in Bristol, PA" or something and they had one of my pictures from Flickr -- so I was able to download it and re-save it! That's about all for this store, and our next stop is just to the west along 276 in Bensalem. Head over to The Market Report to check it out tomorrow!