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Look Inside: Selecto Supermarket - Chambersburg, Trenton, NJ

Selecto Supermarket
Owner: unknown
Opened: 1996
Cooperative: Krasdale Foods
 533 S Broad St, Chambersburg, Trenton, NJ
Photographed: January 2021
Heading into Chambersburg, just south of downtown Trenton, we find two supermarkets just about 500 feet apart. The roughly 4,000 square foot Selecto Supermarket may be dwarfed by the over-70,000 square foot Food Bazaar to the east, but Selecto packs a lot of selection into its small space.
In the first aisle, on the far-right side of the store, we have produce, meat, and dairy. Note that we are looking towards the front of the store from the back here.
If I'm not mistaken, there are just three aisles, with the middle one here featuring even more stuff in the middle of the aisle. My assumption would be that this store has been a grocery store for many, many decades (although Selecto only opened in 1996), but unfortunately Groceteria has no listing for this address.
Butcher and deli on the back wall. Can't say there's any wasted space here!
And frozen foods, along with general merchandise, take up the last aisle. I do believe there are a few registers in the front (and by that I mean regular supermarket registers, not the checkout counters you might see in smaller bodegas and convenience stores). That's all for this Selecto, but there is a second Selecto out there that seems to be related which we'll be covering soon. For now, don't forget to check out the Food Bazaar here and tomorrow, we move down to Chestnut Park for a tour of our next Trenton store on The Market Report!