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Look Inside: Clover Meat Market - Burlington, NJ

Clover Meat Market
Owner: Mike Memoli
Opened: 1980
Cooperative: none
 1105 Sunset Rd, Burlington, NJ
Photographed: January 2021
Driving from one part of Willingboro to another, I briefly entered Burlington again and saw Coopertown Plaza, a strip mall too bizarre for me to pass up and not stop at. Just my luck, the back of one of the strips had a butcher shop that I could visit while I was here! The strip mall is set up with long rows of stores on either side of a very large parking lot, but the obvious anchor space is nothing but a rectangle of grass. I'm a bit at a loss as to what that anchor would've been, do we have any input from folks who live in the area? (JoshAustin610 and my other usual sources leave me with no answers.)
Anyway, Clover Meat Market has been here since 1980, and inside there are three aisles with a butcher counter and packaged meat in the first aisle, along with some grocery staples (mostly geared towards things you might use to cook meat, or things you might cook with meat). The second aisle has some frozen foods and the last aisle has a few more things including a deli counter.
I'm always intrigued by small stores like this. They're almost always worth stopping at, for one reason or another. I enjoy seeing small businesses and how they fit into their communities.
And that's all for Clover Meat Market! Tomorrow is our final Willingboro day, with a look at the township's largest supermarket on The Market Report along with a former store on Grocery Archaeology. Stay tuned!