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TOUR: FreshTown Supermarket - Willingboro, NJ

FreshTown Supermarket
Owner: Andres Gutierrez
Opened: 2019
Cooperative: none
 400 John F. Kennedy Way, Willingboro, NJ
Photographed: January 2021
Here at the Kennedy Shopping Center at the corner of JFK Way and Levitt Parkway in Willingboro, NJ, the ShopRite departed in 2015, leaving this part of town supermarketless. But shortly thereafter, Green Apple Market opened up in an 8,000 square foot space in the mall -- significantly smaller than the 30,000 square foot former ShopRite, but still a substantial enough grocery store. (Incidentally, the ShopRite moved up to a former Kmart in Burlington.) Well, Green Apple closed after just about two years, and in 2019, the space was reopened as Freshtown Supermarket -- no relation to Allegiance's Freshtown stores in Margaretville and Amenia, NY.
As we'll see, Freshtown is small but fully stocked. Looks like this business won't be sticking around either, though, as it's currently listed for sale online. (Apologies if that link doesn't exist anymore; it is for sale and the link works as of writing in January.) As far as I can tell, the store is still in business, though, and will continue operating indefinitely.
A nice but small produce department takes up the first aisle, with a deli and a butcher counter taking up the back of the store. Packaged meats and dairy are at the left side, with a small frozen department in the front left corner.
Not sure about the green lettering on the yellow walls, but otherwise, the interior looks pretty good. Plenty of selection for such a small space in the grocery aisles...
If I remember correctly, the store's storebrand is Best Yet from C&S, plus a few odd White Rose products still left over.
Meat in aisle five, but the store extends beyond that (I assume there's backroom space behind this meat case here) for dairy and frozen in the front corner.
Not a huge selection of either, but certainly enough to get the basics that you need.
And that's all for FreshTown! Check out the former ShopRite next door here, and tomorrow, we're heading about a mile and a quarter up to a small independent butcher and grocery store in town here on The Independent Edition!