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TOUR: George's Market at Dreshertown - Dresher, PA

George's Market at Dreshertown
Owner: George Endrigian
Opened: 1977
Cooperative: IGA
Location: 1650 Limekiln Pk, Dresher, PA
Photographed: January 6, 2020
Just across the highway from the ACME we last saw, we are checking out George's Market at Dreshertown. For many years, this was the Dreshertown Shop n Bag until Thriftway Shop n Bag dissolved in 2016, when it became George's Market at Dreshertown with IGA's Retail Marketing Group.
I visited in early 2020 when the store was working on a remodel. The grand aisle was in the process of being expanded out the right side of the store, although as we'll see the store was quite nice before too. A cafe with beer and wine has been added here.
Here's the section that has since become part of the grand aisle next to the main supermarket.
But the interior even as it was, was quite attractive. Our first part of the grand aisle here has the deli and prepared foods on the right side, and bakery in an island on the left side. Behind the bakery area is produce, in what amounts to the second aisle. Meat and seafood are on the back wall behind these two parts of the grand aisle.
As we'll see, these parts of the grand aisle are clearly newer than the rest of the store, and the grand aisle has been renovated again. I'm not sure if the rest of the store has.
As attractive as these grand aisle areas are, we can tell they're a little on the older side.
Same in the grocery aisles, although they've been maintained very well. I wouldn't be surprised if, when the grand aisle was renovated last, the flooring was resurfaced here and the walls were painted.
In the front part of the supermarket is the frozen and dairy department on the front wall.
It's obvious that this area is much older, but again, it's been kept up very well.
And I like these freezer cases on the corners, I've never seen something like that before!
Back over in the meat department I believe, we have the old Dreshertown sign from when this was the Dreshertown Shop n Bag!
Milk and dairy are in the last aisle. Notice that the decor here has been slightly updated to match what's in the grand aisle, but in a much simpler design. It's very well done, though.
And that's about all for George's! I'll have to return at some point to check out the renovation but for now this tour will do.
Up next we're going to head west to Ambler for our next stop here on The Independent Edition!