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TOUR: Corrado's Market - Wayne, NJ

Corrado's Market
Owner: Jimmy Corrado
Opened: 2004
Cooperative: Associated Supermarket Group
Location: 201 Berdan Ave, Wayne, NJ
Photographed: August 2019
This 35,000 square foot store backs up to the large Point View Reservoir, being in Corrado Plaza which is right behind the Preakness Shopping Center, home to a 64,000 square foot Stop & Shop. That, in turn, is just behind the Berdan Shopping Center, which is anchored by a 7200 square foot Trader Joe's. Both Preakness and Berdan have former A&Ps as well.
Anyway, the store was built as a Kings Food Market but is now a Corrado's Market. It's been extensively renovated by Corrado's and even includes a TrueValue hardware department. You enter to a gorgeous and enormous produce department, with customer service just inside the entrance to the right.
Meat, seafood, and dairy run along the back wall, with frozen in the second-to-last aisle and more dairy along with deli/bakery, the store's centerpiece, in the last aisle. A service cheese department takes up space in the grocery aisles facing the front end. The cafe and hardware department are in the front right corner opposite the entrance.
Corrado's operates as a member of the Associated Supermarket Group, but has previously been a Key Food member.
Enormous butcher shop on the back wall with packaged meats in front. I love the decor here. It's over-the-top but still upscale.
Also a huge seafood counter, although it looks like there's no more sushi here.
An overview of the service departments on the back wall.
There are a few standard grocery aisles but by the time we get to aisle 7...'s just pasta pasta pasta pasta pasta! And they're not kidding...
The grocery selection is relatively small enough that each aisle is lined with category markers along the top of the cases.
Now for the World of Cheese...
Actually, cheese and olives. Every type of both you could imagine!
This is clearly a big draw, especially since it's right in the middle of the store facing the front-end.
Back to regular ol' grocery aisles, with frozen foods and nonfoods here in the second-to-last aisle. There's a surprisingly large selection of nonfoods for a specialty Italian store like this, but then again most specialty Italian stores don't have a hardware store inside.
Dairy begins in a nicely barn-styled alcove in the back corner of the store...
...and continues along the last aisle facing the service departments on the other side. Deli, prepared foods, and bakery line the side wall from back to front.
The deli has a standard lineup of Boar's Head products along with specialty store-prepared items.
Prepared foods for take-out, with pizza and sandwiches/salads next along the wall.
The bakery, which looks more like a standalone bakery than a supermarket bakery department, rounds out the last aisle.
TrueValue hardware department and cafe in the front corner of the store. There's another entrance at this end.
A look across the front-end back to produce finishes up our tour of this really nice store! Head over to The Market Report tomorrow to take a look at the Stop & Shop across the street.


  1. Fantastic looking store! Very nice.

    1. It's beautiful, isn't it? Corrado's has been off my radar for a while now because I went to one of their stores many years ago and was thoroughly unimpressed, but coming back to their stores today they are pretty amazing.

  2. This is one of the nicer Corrado's locations, of the first three they had(I haven't been to any of their newer ones, which they seem to be opening a bunch of). I remember liking this location a lot better than Clifton when I was younger, but we always went to Clifton, even though this one was the same distance from us. Now, looking back, I get it, since Clifton was higher volume, had a bit more of a variety(to cater to their more diverse clientele), and the prices were probably a little cheaper, on produce at least. Although, nowadays, I think Brother's Produce is stealing a bit of the crowd the Clifton Corrado's used to have. Not that any of this is relevant to this post.

    1. Yeah, definitely. I haven't been inside Clifton, but of their others, I have been liking them lately.


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