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TOUR: Corrado's Market - North Arlington, NJ

Corrado's Market
Owner: Jimmy Corrado
Opened: 2013
Cooperative: Associated Supermarket Group
Location: 45 River Rd, North Arlington, NJ
Photographed: June 2020
We're jumping into Hudson County starting in the northwestern corner of the county, immediately over the Passaic River from Essex County, in fact this store is only a quarter of a mile southeast of the former Bell Farm over in Belleville. The rear parking lot of this store borders the river, which here forms the dividing line between Essex and Passaic counties.
Speaking of the rear parking lot, the store is oriented towards the back. The 14,000 square foot store was originally C&J Glass, then Spring Farms. We enter and exit here in the back. Frozen and produce line the first aisle all the way to the left when you look at the store from the back, with cheese on the front wall. Deli and meat line the right side of the store with dairy in the front corner and grocery aisles, in very low shelving, in the middle.
We saw the gorgeous Corrado's in Wayne when we were up in Passaic County, and the less beautiful but equally great Fairfield location in Essex County. But it's hard to believe these stores are all owned by the same people. While those are spacious, bright, and beautiful, this one is dingy and outdated. It feels totally dead -- it was empty, and there were several spaces on the shelves. Clearly this one is used as a convenience store more than a full supermarket.
You can see the low shelving here. I believe there are four aisles, which run from the front to back of the store.
Looking up towards the front of the store. Although there is an entrance in the front, it's clearly not the main entrance and does not have registers near it -- so it is not used as an exit.
In these pictures, we can see how much space there is even in this very small store. It's clearly not being utilized to the fullest, which is probably a sign of the store's sales volume. There's another supermarket in North Arlington, a Foodtown, which I have not unfortunately toured but we can see the other three Jack's Foodtowns in Caldwell, Wayne, and Bloomfield. Corrado's and Foodtown, however, are probably the secondary supermarkets in this area compared to ShopRite locations in Kearny and Lyndhurst.
Looking across the whole store from the front corner.
Deli/prepared foods and meat along the opposite side of the store.
I'd assume this display of chips was previously a different service counter. There was a very small meat selection and no service counter, so it may have been a butcher or possibly seafood.
The corner behind that area contains dairy and the checkouts, of which I think there are three or four. That wraps up our look at Corrado's in North Arlington (but it's not our last Corrado's!) and tomorrow we're going to continue south along the river to our next two stores, both former supermarkets on Grocery Archaeology!


  1. Just so you're aware, North Arlington is actually in Bergen County.

    1. Aw man, thanks for the correction! I didn't realize that.


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