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Look Inside: Route 10 Farmers Market - Livingston, NJ

Route 10 Farmers Market
Owner: unknown
Opened: 2010
Cooperative: none
Location: 577 Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ
Photographed: December 2020
Our final store here in the Essex County group is one we've seen before, and we're returning not because anything has changed, but just because when I came by last time the store was closed for the night and I couldn't get inside. The stores run by the Farmers Market Group really aren't my favorite -- the prices are very, very cheap but the quality just isn't there. Compared to an operator like Giant Farmers, it's obvious the FMG folks are getting second-rate products.
Most of the store is dedicated to produce, with a deli on the back wall and some packaged dairy in the back corner. There are also some basic groceries but that's not the focus on this store.
Here's an example of what the FMG stores do all the time. They'll get a large shipment of some item that's about to go bad, like these packaged salads on the left, then discount them. Problem is, I regularly buy packaged salads just like those that aren't about to go bad for $2.50 at ShopRite, ACME, and Food Bazaar, and that's not a difference that's worth it to me. Meanwhile, I once saw a similar tactic at SuperFresh in Paterson, but there they had the greens for $0.79-$0.99 a box, and that's a significant enough price difference that they were selling like hotcakes.
Deli in the back right corner of the store. Some grocery items take up the back corner of the store too, with some basics and some imported items -- mostly eastern European and Italian items.
And moving on to the front end...
Floral is located on the front wall beyond the registers, and I believe it's an outside vendor. That wraps up our coverage of Essex County now! Up next we're moving to the east for our next group, and come back tomorrow to learn more about what we'll be seeing!