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Update: Extra Supermarket - Bergen-Lafayette, Jersey City, NJ

Extra Supermarket
Owner: Mitchel Lopez
Opened: 2001
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
Location: 360 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Bergen-Lafayette, Jersey City, NJ
Photographed: December 2020
We're returning to the Extra Supermarket here in the Bergen-Lafayette section of the southern part of Jersey City after first seeing it back in September 2018. As I mentioned in that post, the store was just beginning a renovation which finished sometime in 2019, I believe. We'll be taking a look at the interior in a second, but first, check out that updated sign! Much easier to read than the red-on-brick that was here previously.
Moving into the store, the interior is looking better than ever. The retrofitted Citi Market decor we saw previously has been removed and replaced with a much more modern decor package with a lot of Jersey City character. The layout remains the same, with produce on the left side of the grand aisle and deli/seafood in an island on the right side, bakery at the back, meat lining the back wall, pharmacy/customer service at the front of the first aisle, and dairy/frozen at the far right side of the store.
The deli sign now features a picture of the Jersey City skyline above the department name.
Seafood looking good too, at the back of the grand aisle.
This is as good a place as any to point out that while the decor looks spectacular, they probably should've gotten a second opinion on some of the signage, with signs like the one we see above to the left, introducing us to Jersey City, New Jersey, "Unite State of America." Another sign welcomes us to "Jers City." Nevertheless, most of the decor looks great.
This sign, however, is wonderful. All the local pictures on the walls give the store a very local feeling, which I think is important because it's by far the largest supermarket in the neighborhood, and at over 50,000 square feet, it's more than six times the size of the Pioneer just around the corner.
Meat lines the back wall of the store. As we'll see, the service butcher window has been removed at the far end.
It seems that the grocery aisles have not been reset, meaning that everything is still in the same place more or less. This is the first aisle behind the pharmacy.
Pharmacy is just around the corner here, with customer service opposite on the front wall. Aisle 1 is a somewhat random collection of items, with iced tea, juice, some soda, African and Caribbean food, and kitchenwares.
The grocery aisles are looking very good too, with repainted shelving, refinished floors, and new lighting.
The bulk of the storebrand items here is Parade and Seven Farms Organic (Retail Grocers), but I also noticed quite a few Avenue A and Full Circle Organic (Associated Supermarket Group) products. Can't tell if that's just a delivery inconsistency or if they're actually switching over.
Notice the Avenue A canned beans and vegetables on the left, but the Parade canned tomatoes on the right.
Returning to the back wall, with meat and milk/eggs...
Frozen foods in the second-to-last aisle (aisle 10). Notice that both the cases and the overhead fixtures have been switched to LED lighting.
Dairy looking very sleek in the last aisle, aisle 11. Although again, these cases are older. Our update has to end there unfortunately, since the front-end was far too busy for me to take a picture (this is a very popular store, as you can probably see). Up next, we're going to be heading to downtown Jersey City for a look at a chain supermarket tomorrow on The Market Report!