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TOUR: Asian Food Markets - Hackensack River Waterfront, Jersey City, NJ

Asian Food Markets
Owner: Jon Chen
Opened: 2013
Cooperative: none
Location: 701 NJ-440, Hackensack River Waterfront, Jersey City, NJ
Photographed: December 2020
It's time for our first tour of an Asian Food Markets store! We've previously taken a look at the North Plainfield store, and I commented on how I've driven by it but never actually gone in. Well, I've still never actually gone into that one but I've been into multiple other locations including this one here in Jersey City. The 25,000 square foot big-box space is at the far end of the Hudson Mall, and was previously a 6th Avenue Electronics store that closed around 2012 with Asian Food Markets moving in the following year.
We enter to a very large produce department that takes up the front 1/4 of the store or so. Because the store is narrow and very deep, the departments are kind of stacked one behind the other instead of side to side. So we're looking at hot food and bakery on the right side wall of the store, not the back wall as you might assume.
It looks like this store is a very high-volume place. As we can see, there's not a whole lot of decor around, so it's a fairly no-frills experience. The departments are named (mostly), but that's about it. Above, we're looking back across the produce department to the registers on the front wall.
Refrigerated goods and dairy line the outside of the first aisle. We can get an idea of just how deep the store is -- I'm standing about halfway back from the front wall in the above picture.
Meat and seafood on the back wall, and as we can see, they are very popular departments. Large service counters on the back wall with some packaged items in the coffin cases in front.
The grocery aisles are split down the middle since they are so long.
Frozen foods in the back part of the last aisle. Since there are several Healthy Vegetarians in my family, the section right in front of us here intrigued me, and I picked up some vegan imitation lamb that I'd never seen before. Pretty cool!
Hot food and bakery are in the front corner, at the end of the last aisle. The registers are on the other side of the front wall...
That's about all for this Asian Food Market. If this interests you, great -- we have another Asian supermarket coming up in Jersey City soon, as well as another Asian Food Market a little later! And if not, that's fine too -- we have something very different tomorrow on The Market Report!