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TOUR: Joe's Market - Orange, NJ

Joe's Market
Owner: Ho Jeong Kim
Opened: 1997
Cooperative: Krasdale Foods
Location: 201 Main St, City of Orange, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Joe's Market, with locations in Newark, Irvington, and here in Orange, is one of the destinations for Caribbean and African imported foods in Essex County. These hole-in-the-wall stores are popular for the specialized items that are hard to find elsewhere. This one does not have a seafood department, as the others do, but it features produce and grocery items.
Looking towards the back of the store in the left-side aisle. I believe there are three aisles, but the 3900 square foot store is very deep.
I had a great time wandering around this store. All of the products were totally foreign to me and I love to cook and experiment with new foods, so this was a lot of fun. I've recently gotten to know African food better, so it was interesting to me to see some products and ingredients I had heard of, but not really seen anywhere before.
And the place is packed with all kinds of food, which makes for a good exploration destination! Of course, for those who shop regularly here, it's not an exploration so much as finding familiar items.
Frozen foods, including some fish and meat, in the far back of the store. The selection is far more specialized than even a Food Bazaar's departments, featuring butter fish, chicken feet, and more.
Two registers, one on each side, up at the front of the store. And before we leave the store, I want to acknowledge the owner (I presume), the Korean man who was working the register, who has the most beautiful head of hair. He was an older man but had the greatest, dense curly white hair. I hope to have hair like that when I'm his age! We're going to head just a few doors to the east for a greengrocer shop along Main Street up next here on The Independent Edition. Stay tuned!