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Look Inside: Olive May Natural Foods - East Orange, NJ

Olive May Natural Foods
Owner: Nasar Arain
Opened: 1924
Cooperative: none
Location: 516 Main St, East Orange, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
We're here just across the street from Brick Church Plaza to take a look inside New Jersey's oldest operating natural foods store! That's right, although this store has changed ownership, it's been continuously operating since 1924.
Inside, the store features a juice bar, vitamins and supplements, general grocery, and dairy/frozen. It looks fairly newly renovated.
The front wall has the juice bar, with the register and vitamins on the right side wall. Dairy is at the back, with frozen on the left side wall pictured here. Grocery aisles line the middle of the store, running parallel to Main Street. I swear I took a picture of a grocery aisle, but my phone seems to have eaten it or else it simply evaporated into thin air. The store, though, is very nice! Our next stop is a few blocks east on Main Street over on Grocery Archaeology. Come back tomorrow to check it out!