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TOUR: Lewis' Supermarket - Mountainhome, PA

Lewis' Supermarket
Owner: Jerry Lewis
Opened: 1946 previously, unknown in current location
Cooperative: none
 109 Oak Ln, Mountainhome, PA
Photographed: December 18, 2019
Welcome to the tiny town of Mountainhome, PA! This 9,000 square foot store opened back in 1946, and it's been here for quite some time although JoshAustin610 says it was an A&P until the 1980s. I'm not convinced, though, since the building looks an awful lot like this picture from an opening day long before the 1980s. In fact, if we do some very simple comparisons, apples were 39 cents for 2 pounds in the 1950s and 25 cents for 4 pounds on this store's opening day, making me think that the ad could be from back in 1946. In other words, I doubt this store was ever an A&P. 
The store, while definitely old, is very nicely updated with new flooring and some new fixtures. It looks really nice! Worth noting that the outside was redone to its current appearance around 2008, and the new logo on the outside looks almost identical to the Landis logo, but it's also possible that the Lewis' logo predates the Landis logo.
Produce is here in the first aisle, along with frozen foods. More frozen and dairy are on the back wall, with deli and meat on the left side in the last aisle.
You can see the older elements like the aisle markers hanging from the ceiling, but overall, this store looks pretty fresh.
Here's where the original building borders the expansion.
Salad bar near deli is also a nice touch, with meats in the same aisle.
Even these refrigerators, which have an older look to them, I believe are actually rather new.
Meanwhile, these soda displays are definitely not!
I enjoyed stopping by this little grocer a lot, and it's clearly taken care of very well. Also, I always love independent grocers! Up next, we're headed a little over 25 miles northeast to the area where Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey all come together for a look at another longtime supermarket on The Market Report!


  1. That entry placement is strange. It looks a lot that of big box drug stores - especially CVS with those front folding doors.

    1. Agreed. The outside definitely has the look of a more recently-opened store in a newer-built drugstore or dollar store. There was a CVS at the back of this strip mall; maybe their design influenced this store's exterior.


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