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Look Inside: Clark's Sunrise Market - Honesdale, PA

Clark's Sunrise Market
Owner: Clark Ordnung
Opened: 1982
Cooperative: none
 133 Sunrise Ave, Honesdale, PA
Photographed: December 22, 2018
Clark's Sunrise Market is pictured above in the hours well before the sunrise (I mean, it wasn't late at night; it was 7:30 but 7:30 in late December looks like midnight). But the 4700 square foot independent supermarket is located just outside of town on Sunrise Avenue and, if you're wondering what the place looks like when it's not pitch-black outside, here's a daytime photo.
The store is small but very complete and very well-stocked, with produce and frozen foods in the first aisle. Dairy is at the back of that aisle, with meat and deli in the last aisle. I think there are four aisles here.
The store is filled with Best Yet products from C&S.
As we can tell from the street view I linked above, the supermarket is just built around the ground floor of a house. I have to assume it's been a grocer for many decades, but in its current life, has only been around since the 1980s.
In addition to this store and Dave's, Honesdale is home to a chain supermarket, which we'll be touring tomorrow on The Market Report!