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TOUR: Dutch's Market - Greentown, PA

Dutch's Market
Owner: John Otway
Opened: 1989
Cooperative: ShurSave
 1564 PA-507, Greentown, PA
Photographed: December 18, 2019
Back to our snowy day in December of 2019 when I visited this store to photograph it! This ShurSave opened in 1989, although Dutch's Market has been in this area for at least 15 years more before that. I'm not sure if it was on this site or elsewhere.
The store is just around 30,000 square feet, but it feels larger. The grand aisle has produce on one side, with deli/bakery on the left side wall. (Notice that the pictures above and below are looking towards the front wall of the store, not the back one.) Meats and dairy are on the back wall, with frozen foods in the last aisle.
The store is on the older side, but it's in good shape. I appreciate the fact that the decor isn't all beige.
One of the reasons this space feels so large is because the grand aisle has a lot of space between fixtures.
The bakery is at the back of the grand aisle, with the meat department on the back wall.
I'm not sure, but it's possible the decor has been painted since it was installed.
As this store is affiliated with ShurSave, it uses Best Yet and Full Circle branded products. In fact, there's a lot of Best Yet products in that picture above.
And a few aisles in, we see the meat department transitioning over to dairy.
What we're looking at above is the front-right corner of the store, where nonfoods are mostly on the front wall.
Interestingly, notice that the aisle markers are somewhat staggered. That is likely done to make it easier to look at multiple aisles at once while standing at the back of the store.
Older fixtures we can see in the last aisle, with coffin cases down the middle of the aisle. I would bet this area looks a lot like the way it did when it opened back in 1989.
Since there are relatively limited other shopping choices in the area, this store seemed to have a large selection of nonfoods, especially these housewares and cleaning supplies.
In the front of the store, we can again see the staggered aisles (although it looks like a few aisles may be missing aisle markers).
And that wraps up our look at Dutch's Market! It's the only large supermarket in this immediate area, and tomorrow, we're headed around 11 miles west to check out a big-name supermarket near route 380 (which connects route 80 to the Wyoming Valley). Head over to The Market Report tomorrow to take a look!


  1. I've been to this store. I was passing by and needed to run in for something. I remember thinking the store was unusual but couldn't put my finger on what was strange. I also remember how complete their selection was in HABA, as that was where I was shopping that day.

    1. Good point about the larger HABA selection! I could see what you mean about there being something unusual about the store.


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