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Look Inside: Big Chief Market - Mayfield, PA

Big Chief Market
Owner: Eric Ofcharsky
Opened: 1992
Cooperative: none
 616 Poplar St, Mayfield, PA
Photographed: August 12, 2020
A town of just 1700, Mayfield, PA doesn't have a supermarket, but it does still have a grocer. The 2600 square foot store has been in town since 1992, but my guess is the building has been a grocery store for much longer. The store briefly closed around 2018-2019, which WNEP attributes to the owner being in unspecified "legal trouble."
The store, in fact, was previously down in Jermyn at the corner of Madison and Bacon. It's unclear if the store moved, or if there were multiple in the past. It also makes sense that the store has been around for decades, given its, well... less-than-politically correct name and mascot.
The store has gotten some nice updates recently, with new fixtures around the small store. It has a deli and prepared foods, although it also has groceries and meats.
There's also a small produce department in the back corner of the store.
It's a very complete store, and clearly serves a need here in Mayfield.
And it's a nice little place!
To the northeast of this town around 3 miles away, the town of Carbondale has a Weis, but it also previously had an independent store which we're going to take a look at tomorrow!