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TOUR: Hayes' Market - Waymart, PA

Hayes' Market
Owner: Rich Hayes
Opened: 2019
Cooperative: ShurSave
 686 Roosevelt Hwy, Waymart, PA
Photographed: December 18, 2019
Last week we saw the Ray's Market in Waymart, PA, and today we're revisiting the 23,000 square foot store after it was sold to new owners in 2019 and reopened as Hayes' Market. Because Hayes' is also affiliated with ShurSave, you'll notice that the signage on the building itself hasn't changed. The store never had the Ray's name on the front, and doesn't have the Hayes' name now.
Inside, Hayes' may have done some simple changes, but my guess is the store feels roughly the same as Ray's was. The grand aisle is on the right side with produce, deli, and bakery. Meat lines the back wall, and dairy and frozen are on the left side of the store.
It feels pleasant enough inside, but it's a bit bland and you can tell the store is on the older side. I'd be interested in knowing just what happened when Hayes' took over. I don't know, for instance, whether some of the slightly newer-looking signage like the Bake Shop sign was installed by Hayes' or before them. But you can tell, for instance looking at the light fixtures, that the store is older.
On the back wall, we have meat and seafood, although I don't think there's a service counter for either.
The grocery aisles are fully stocked and organized, which was very nice.
The very recent snowfall (check out my exterior pictures; I got caught on the mountainous route 6 between Scranton and Carbondale in the middle of a whiteout which was not fun) seemed to be dissuading customers from coming into the store. It's the only supermarket for several miles around, so I have no doubt it does alright volume.
ShurSave stores are supplied by C&S, and sell Best Yet and Full Circle branded products.
Looking back towards the grand aisle from the last aisle. It looks like some of the big pictures on the walls may have been installed by Hayes'.
And a look down the last aisle with dairy and frozen. As we can tell, the fixtures are older but there's some updated graphics around the store.
And a look across the front-end. I'm glad to see that Hayes' had cleaned up and freshened the store a little bit, but it wasn't a very big cosmetic renovation.
Around nine miles east along route 6 is the larger town in this area, Honesdale. We'll be checking out several supermarkets in and around Honesdale, so come back tomorrow to see our first store!

Also... this weekend was The Market Report's seventh anniversary! Here's to many more good years to come!