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TOUR: Quinn's Market - Archbald, PA

Quinn's Market
Owner: Jeff Krenitsky
Opened: 1988
Cooperative: ShurSave
 12 Kennedy Dr, Archbald, PA
Photographed: August 12, 2020
Here we are at the final Quinn's ShurSave, with the other locations of the chain in nearby Peckville and to the south in Pittston. At just 16,000 square feet, this is the smaller location, and it also appears to be the oldest, having opened in 1988 (at least under its current ownership).
We can tell it's on the older side inside, with quite a bit of neon that isn't working or at least isn't turned on. We enter to produce in the first aisle, with deli/bakery and meat on the back wall. Dairy and frozen are in the last aisle, with additional frozen in an alcove in the front right corner. The exterior has been painted since my visit, possibly in response to a Dollar General opening next door.
I'm not sure if any work has been done on the inside since I visited, but at the time of my 2020 visit, the interior was still sporting what I believe to be the store's original decor package, from back in 1988.
Although the decor is on the older side, we can see that some fixtures have been updated, such as these fixtures in deli/bakery.
Not many updates are visible in the grocery aisles, though, although maintenance has been pretty good and they look clean.
With the exception of the produce cases, none of the older cases have lighting in them. I'm not sure if that's a result of a lack of maintenance and replacing burnt-out lightbulbs, or if that's just how the cases were designed originally, but I assume it's the first.
Notice the unusually dark dairy and frozen cases here. The store is for sure showing its age, but it's not in terrible shape. It just needs a few simple updates.
I also wonder whether this awning over the front-end was previously lit underneath. It looks a little strange as it is, but maybe that's the way it's intended to be.
I'm glad I got to see the inside of this store, since otherwise online photos are almost nonexistent. It's a quirky little place that seems to have a loyal customer base in its small town! Speaking of that, we're headed even farther north on Monday to check out a small town's small grocer, right here on The Independent Edition!