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TOUR: Quinn's Market - Peckville, PA

Quinn's Market
Owner: Jeff Krenitsky
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: Shursave
 1437 Main St, Peckville, PA
Photographed: August 12, 2020
Welcome to the Quinn's Market in Peckville, PA! The 42,000 square foot store is in the middle of the small borough of Blakely, although I don't have much history to report on this store. I'm not clear whether Quinn's built the store, or whether they bought it from another operator at some point.
We enter to a wide-open spacious produce department in the front right corner of the store in an area with a lower ceiling. Deli, seafood, and meats are in the back right corner, with bakery and dairy on the rest of the back wall. Frozen continues on the left side of the store and in an alcove in the front.
This is a very nice store, although it feels like it's larger than it needs to be. This is the larger of the two Quinn's stores (with a third recently closed in Pittston). As we can see, there is a lot of space in the first aisle, which might be considered the grand aisle. As we move behind the produce department, the meat department is on the right side, and deli and seafood run around the back of the grand aisle.
This area looks like it would have been very upscale and very attractive when it first opened, but it's a little on the older side. I also do wonder whether there was at some point more department signage. It feels like the awning is a bit bare, but I like the chalkboard signs underneath it.
Over in the grocery aisles, we find an interesting construction of aisle markers, each lit, and built into the ceiling. Again, it looks like this store was very beautiful when it opened, but no longer looks as new as it did.
It looks like the category markers on this elaborate structure have held up to varying degrees of success, with some covered with black patches (like the one above) while other panels had visibly been replaced (like the Gravy panel below). On the whole though, the maintenance at this store is really good, and my complaints are minor. It's extremely clean and generally very well-stocked.
A large in-store bakery is next on the back wall.
Here's an overview of the bakery, deli, seafood, and meat departments, looking back towards the first aisle.
On the left side of the store, we find the dairy department with what looks like newer refrigerators. I like the blue color and the consistent checkerboard theme throughout the store, but again I wonder if maybe there was originally more department signage here.
Frozen foods are in an alcove in the front left corner of the store.
And again we see a wide concourse between the grocery aisles and the freezer aisles, and between that and the floor pattern, I have to wonder if there was another aisle of some kind that was removed here.
And the cool aisle marker structure is reprised over the checkouts, with a similar but smaller setup above the registers.
There is another Quinn's, which we'll be touring tomorrow right here on The Independent Edition!


  1. This store seems to have some odd responses from the supposed 'owner' on Google Reviews (read at your own risk!)


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