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Snapshot: Todos Supermarket - Woodbridge, VA

Todos Supermarket
Owner: Carlos Castro
Opened: 1990
Cooperative: none
 13905 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Woodbridge, VA
Photographed: December 2021
Our final Latin/international supermarket in Woodbridge, VA is the middle sized one -- Fresh World was over 50,000 square feet, while Americana was just under 20,000. This one is right in the middle at slightly more than 35,000 square feet. This is Todos Supermarket's older location, with a newer one at 16593 River Ridge Blvd here in Woodbridge in a beautiful 70,000 square foot location that was previously J&J International and before that, probably a large chain supermarket (Safeway, if I had to guess). Unfortunately, we will not be seeing that one although it looks really nice. We have two more grocery stores here in Woodbridge before we leave the city and they're both large chain stores, so check the next one out on The Market Report tomorrow.


  1. I know it wasn't one, but it reminds me of a Pathmark.


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