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Snapshot: Americana Grocery - Woodbridge, VA

Americana Grocery
Owner: Pablo Perez
Opened: unknown
Cooperative: none
 14428 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Woodbridge, VA
Photographed: December 2021
It might not be the 50,000 square foot international superstore that Fresh World is, but the Americana Grocery of Woodbridge, one of three in the Latin supermarket chain, is still a substantial international supermarket at 20,000 square feet. I grabbed these pictures while driving by at night (I was not driving, of course) so they're not great but I did touch up that first one a little bit for a little bit of a better shot of the store.
And it's appropriate, I think, to have Americana Grocery on July 4th! But it's not the only store we have today -- this strip mall was originally home to an A&P. Check that out here, and tomorrow, we move about another mile north to our next independent Latin supermarket!