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Snapshot: Food Star Supermarket - Bailey's Crossroads, VA

Todos Supermarket
Owner: Kevin Yun
Opened: 2020
Cooperative: none
 5521 Leesburg Pk, Bailey's Crossroads, VA
Photographed: December 2021
Contributor: L. D.
This local chain of international supermarkets made its home in the roughly 40,000 square foot former location of Toys R Us in early 2020. The store was announced in 2019, and sparked a fair amount of controversy -- much of it centering on what type of supermarket, exactly, Food Star is. See the comments here. I don't see many or any TRU remnants inside, nor do I see any secondhand items from other stores. It's a fairly generic, but plenty attractive, interior. This is unfortunately our single independent store in the DC area, and tomorrow we see our final DC suburb store over on The Market Report!


  1. I believe this is a reincarnation of the Food Star that was at South George Mason Drive and Columbia Pike in Arlington. That store was in a very well preserved Grand Union and served a diverse area without a lot of other food choices. In an effort to upscale Columbia Pike the Food Star shopping center was redeveloped into a typical apartments over retail type setup. Food Star didn't reopen in the redevelopment. Instead a Harris Teeter was opened here. There was talk of Food Star finding a new location and this store in Bailey's may be it. I don't know if the ownership of both the old and new Food Stars was the same. The old Food Star was Hispanic focused. Bailey's is a very diverse area. A broad international store would probably do well here.

    1. Thanks for the added details! Glad to see that store didn't disappear forever since I always hate to see an independent store go away.


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