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Update: Universal Food Markets - Rahway, NJ

Universal Food Markets
Owner: Vishu Patel
Opened: between 1997 and 2000
Cooperative: Key Food Stores
Location: 2325 Elizabeth Ave, Rahway, NJ
Photographed: November 26, 2022
Today we wrapped up the remodel at the Kings in Livingston, and we're going to do the same here at the Universal in Rahway! I've documented this amazing transformation over the course of about a year and a half with the most recent post over the summer.
The renovation is completely finished, and the store looks amazing. It's so much brighter and more open-feeling, and feels completely modern. You wouldn't know this building is 50 years old with the newest updates. The front entrance is fully functional...
...and the deli/prepared foods area in the back, the last thing that had yet to be finished inside the store, is all done.
Worth noting that, during the process of this renovation, this store switched from Retail Grocers Group (Fine Fare) to Key Food. Most recently, I'd say about a month ago or so, a second Universal switched from Retail Grocers to Key Food, this one in Camden. There's a third Universal in Paterson which is Krasdale-affiliated, along with a few other stores owned by the Universal group but under various other names. I do wonder if, over time, all of the Universal stores will join Key Food. Take a look at our other coverage today here!