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Look Inside: Huber's West End Market - Lancaster, PA

Huber's West End Market
Owner: Glenn and Dee Huber
Opened: 1960-2021
Cooperative: none
 501 W Lemon St, Lancaster, PA
Photographed: August 20, 2019
Huber's West End Market had been open since 1960, and I managed to get to it just before it closed in 2021. It was taken over by new owners who are renovating it to prepare to reopen it, but that hasn't happened yet.
When I visited, the approximately 2,000 square foot store was fully functional and a very quaint old-fashioned grocery store. It has produce and a few grocery aisles on the left side, with the butcher/deli and frozen foods on the right side.
It definitely felt a little bit like a time capsule, but in a good way -- it didn't feel neglected, even though it was very old and reaching the end of its life.
Check out the produce department here! I have to imagine this fixture is original to Huber's opening, right?
And how about this price table at the top of the case?
As long as we're here, I may as well mention the store was stocked with C&S-supplied Best Yet products.
And also as we see here, the small store is extremely complete with a little bit of everything. Definitely much more than the average convenience or corner store.
Including, by the way, a full butcher/deli at the back of the store.

And the old-fashioned checkout counter on the front wall next to the entrance door.
Glad I got to visit this store before it closed, but it'll be interesting to see what the upcoming renovation holds for the space. We're almost done with the city of Lancaster, but we're going to see two stores just outside of the downtown area starting with a former supermarket on Grocery Archaeology tomorrow!