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TOUR: Super Natural Produce - Reading, PA

Super Natural Produce
Owner: Leopoldo Sanchez
Opened: 2014
Cooperative: Krasdale Foods
 1350 N 12th St, Reading, PA
Photographed: August 20, 2019
Super Natural Produce might sound like Discovery Channel's latest show with Ghost Hunters and Expedition Bigfoot, but there's no paranormal pomegranates here. Instead, Super Natural Produce is an 8700 square foot produce-market-plus in northeastern Reading in what used to be the Brass Lantern.
The focus is on the produce and perishables, but this really is also a full supermarket. Produce and perishables are right up front (produce on the left, registers in the front right corner, then deli-bakery/meat/hot food next to the registers on the right). We can then go up a ramp to the grocery, dairy, and frozen departments.
My photos are good, but even better is a full interactive tour on Google Maps. Check it out, as this is a really nice small supermarket.
After leaving the produce department, we go up a small ramp to the grocery department.
There's a very complete selection of basically everything you'd need here, including quite a bit of nonfoods.
Worth noting that the owners of this store also have another store in Scranton, plus a 40,000 square foot grocery store/food court complex coming soon in Reading.
We can tell this space is repurposed, but it works well enough for its current use.
Now heading back down to the perishables area via the massive spice department, very impressive given the store is well under 10,000 square feet.
Here's a look at the butcher counter, with the deli/bakery and hot food counters next to it. There's a lot to choose from here!
And a look at the registers, which as we can see are tucked away in the front right corner.
We are done with Reading! I know that was a short group but we saw a lot of the most interesting stores in the area. Hopefully I'll be back someday to see some more of the stores outside the city. We are moving back east to the northern Philadelphia suburbs (more or less) with our next set of stores, so come back on Monday to check out what's next!