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TOUR: Food Village Super Market - Garfield, NJ

Food Village Super Market
Owner: Paul Patel
Opened: 2018 under current ownership
Cooperative: none
Location: 249 Midland Ave, Garfield, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Our second tour at Midland Square is this approximately 8,000 square foot store in the left half of a former pitched-roof ACME. (See Campesina Farm next door here.) I have a lot more of the history of this building over on that post, but for a review, here's the rest of the mall...
As a small international supermarket, Food Village is pretty awesome. The owner is Indian, but the store represents mostly eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Latin foods with a fair selection of general groceries too along with Best Yet storebrand products, a relative rarity in New Jersey.
Heading in, we find a very cramped but very complete grocery store. Single serve beverages are in the front corner of the store, with dairy in the back part of the first aisle. Meats are in the back of the store, with frozen foods on the right side wall and deli in the front corner. I do wonder a bit if those aisle markers are secondhand from another store, and as we'll see there's more decor in the same style.
Dairy with a very diverse selection at the back of the store.
Moving on to the meat department at the back of the store. Other than the closed service counter in the back, notice anything interesting here? Those are Pathmark cases! Check out the "Path to Savings" sticker partially remaining along the top of the case!
Second grocery aisle under a drop ceiling. We see something interesting as we enter the third aisle...
The pitched roof is exposed! Here we see the Latin selection.
Middle Eastern and eastern European goods in aisle 4, here looking towards the back of the store. I would say this store is pretty similar to Amira over in Fair Lawn, but generally better and certainly friendlier people.
What a great ceiling!
I found it very unusual that this store not only uses Best Yet brand products, but promotes them significantly (see the stickers on the cases to the left and the soda display to the right). That's not a bad thing -- Best Yet is a good brand.
Snacks and deli at the front, with the register just beyond that.
Notice the decor here matches the deli sign and the aisle markers. It's hard to tell whether it's original to the store, but I don't recognize it, so it may be. That's all for Garfield, so check back here tomorrow for a new store tour about a mile southeast in Wood-Ridge!