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TOUR: Cafasso's Fairway Market - Fort Lee, NJ

Cafasso's Fairway Market
Owner: Charles Cafasso
Opened: 1962 in current location; 1927 in original location
Cooperative: none
Location: 1214 Anderson Ave, Fort Lee, NJ
Photographed: June 2020
No, not that Fairway Market. This one predates that one and actually sued the more famous New York chain when they opened a store in Paramus. This one is a thousand times better than the other one was. I won't go too much into the history of the store, especially since their own website does a fantastic job of profiling the history of the fourth-generation family business.
This small, unassuming storefront on Anderson Avenue in Fort Lee happens to be one of the most impressive gourmet markets I've ever stepped foot in. We enter on the far right side of the store, going into produce/bakery/cheese to the far right and deli/butcher on the back wall, with dairy in the first aisle and meat/frozen in the last aisle. Let's head in and see how awesome the store is!
The displays and selection are out of this world. There are produce items here I've never seen before, and that says something for a guy who's visited almost 2000 grocery stores. (Ah, someday I will get around to posting all of them...)
Look at those potatoes!
Seafood is tucked away in this back corner, with a gigantic and beautiful deli taking up most of the back wall.
Amazing! There is a general grocery selection too, but that's clearly secondary to the perishables.
Moving into the first proper grocery aisle with dairy...
An impressive selection is packed into the store, which believe it or not is less than 10,000 square feet.
The back wall of the grocery section has the butcher shop.
Packaged meats continue along the last aisle, with frozen foods facing. You can see how cramped some of the store is here.
And for a look at the front-end before we head out!
That's quite the store to end our Bergen - Passaic group with! Our next stop is going to be Essex County, which is the next county to the south. Come back tomorrow for more details on what we'll be seeing! Also... I actually revisited some Bergen/Passaic stores kind of in the middle of posting the whole group, so in addition to tomorrow's normal "coming soon" post, I'll be posting a few special reports and updates at some Bergen/Passaic stores. So look out for those here on The Independent Edition and over on The Market Report!