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TOUR: Superfood Marketplace - Ridgefield, NJ

Superfood Marketplace
Owner: Ana Lemes
Opened: 2019
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
Location: 543 Shaler Blvd, Ridgefield, NJ
Photographed: January 2020
Our next store in the Bergen - Passaic group is actually one we've been to before! This Coop-turned-Associated-turned-Fine Fare-turned-The Market Place-turned-Met Fresh-turned-Ridgefield Market is now Elizabeth, NJ-based Superfood Marketplace, whose Elizabeth and Allentown locations we've previously seen. Check out the interior shortly after Ridgefield Market closed and a full history of the store here. (By the way, the tree symbol I point out at the Associated is actually called the Twin Pines, and it's the universal sign for a cooperatively owned business, so it dates back to the store's days as a Coop.) Caught up? Good, now we can tour the newly renovated interior!
You enter on the right side of the storefront and cross the front of the store to the produce department in the front left corner. Only two registers here at this 6600 square foot store! The exposed ceiling and new lighting brighten up the place and make it feel very spacious.
A very attractively designed produce department for a very small store. The new promotional signage, which you can see hanging above, is nice too.
Dairy lines the rest of the first aisle. As you can see, all of the fixtures have been replaced and the Coop decor has been removed.
There's no service deli here, but packaged cold cuts are at the back of the first aisle. Meat runs along the rest of the very spacious back aisle.
The grocery aisles are very short simply due to the size of the store, but they're clean and beautifully stocked. Plus, the aisle markers are very cool.
And the last aisle has frozen foods in brand-new cases lining the outside wall.
We're going to head south on Shaler Boulevard now to the intersection with Broad Avenue, to tour the large H Mart over on The Market Report tomorrow!


  1. Although that's got to be a pain if they ever want to shuffle the merchandise around, I agree about those aisle markers.

    1. Yep, I'm sure. Though I've seen a similar setup where they actually are able to peel the lettering off the sign and replace it rather than the panels as in a typical aisle marker.


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