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TOUR: El Bodegon Supermarket - Passaic, NJ

El Bodegon Supermarket
Owner: Plinio Mejia
Opened: 2000
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
Location: 119 Broadway, Passaic, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
We're going to jump into our coverage of downtown Passaic, which will take up the next two weeks or so, with this store at the western edge of the downtown. We'll head east on Broadway before turning north on Garden St, going up Main Avenue to turn east on Monroe St, then come back south to Jefferson St before finishing downtown with a final store on Main Avenue at the southern part of downtown. From there we'll move into the southeastern corner of the city. As we'll see, this store is quite small at just about 3600 square feet.
Produce and dairy take up the first aisle, which is the front wall of the store (along Broadway). The butcher counter takes up the side wall, with frozen foods in the back. The register is in the corner near the entrance.
Very nice wood decor element over the meat counter, which takes up this entire wall of the store.
One of the things that sets this store apart from other similar bodegas and supermarkets is its high ceiling. Noticeable in-store, even though the aisles are extremely cramped, as you can see!
I think there are four aisles in total.
It's a bit odd that the aisle markers are printed in Spanish except for the product categories listed. Wouldn't it make more sense to make it all Spanish or else all English?
Frozen foods really packed in here at the back corner of the store. Lots of frozen vegetables!
And we have two convenience store-style registers near the entrance/exit door. Our next stop is another similar store that was under construction at the other end of this block, so come back here tomorrow to check it out!