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Look Inside: Jersey Farmer's Market - Fair Lawn, NJ

Jersey Farmer's Market
Owner: John Kim
Opened: 2002
Cooperative: none
Location: 23-10 Broadway, Fair Lawn, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
We're here on Broadway (NJ-4) in Fair Lawn to see two stores that are immediately next door to each other. Our first, the Jersey Farmer's Market, is a produce and seafood market with a sushi counter and some grocery/dairy items. Its storefront faces Broadway, but it has a small parking lot in the back. The second, Broadway Food Palace, you can see here.
The 4900 square foot store is a very nice place with a great looking produce and seafood selection. Let's head in, from the back, and check it out...
As you can see, a small but nice place with a very warm feeling, a good place to holy farmers market, what's that on the opposite wall?!
Last time I checked, Clean, Fresh, and Good make a Grand Union! Sure enough, all of the decor in this store is secondhand from a Grand Union. There was in fact a Grand Union just about a half mile west on Broadway -- but not just a store, their one-time headquarters in East Paterson (now Elmwood Park, see here and here). There was also a less remarkable store just about a mile and a quarter to the north in Fair Lawn. This decor could be from either one.
Interesting how the Jersey Farmer's Market folks have almost recreated the Grand Union decor with wood shingles (instead of wood boards) on the walls.
Seafood and sushi on the opposite wall. As you can see, the signage is a bit large for this store's low ceilings.
Next to sushi is a sign for the Town Deli; this section probably had a deli at one point. But most of this neighborhood's deli needs are filled by the Russian grocery store next door, linked above! Head over to The Market Report tomorrow to check out a tour at a supermarket just over into Elmwood Park.


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    1. Always! Even better in a store like this that's nice in its own right but has some fun surprises too.


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