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Look Inside: Vela-Ber Market - Passaic, NJ

Vela-Ber Market
Owner: Sofia Bermeo
Opened: 2006
Cooperative: none
Location: 315 Monroe St, Passaic, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Today's look inside is the first of four stores we're going to take a look at on Monroe Street, and the farthest west. This is on the corner of Central Avenue and Monroe Street. Vela-Ber takes up two storefronts, with produce, grocery, and dairy in the first and a large butcher shop in the second.
While the selection is similar to Mira Fruit Farm, Vela-Ber does have a slightly smaller produce department and a meat department, which Mira does not. Vela-Ber is also a smaller store.
But selection-wise, they don't mess around. Check out these three- and four-tiered produce cases! You'll find pretty much anything you're looking for here.
A few grocery aisles at the back of the store.
Here we see small dairy, cleaning products, and bulk foods selections in the back corner of the store.
Finishing up with a look at the meat and seafood counter in the second room. I mentioned back on the Little Mexico post that there's a large Mexican population here in Passaic, which we see reflected a bit in this store but that we'll really dive headfirst into that specialty with tomorrow's tour, in the next block east right here on The Independent Edition!