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Look Inside: Broadway Food Palace - Fair Lawn, NJ

Broadway Food Palace
Owner: Gary Weiss
Opened: 2007
Cooperative: none
Location: 23-08 Broadway, Fair Lawn, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Today's Look Inside is immediately next door to Jersey Farmer's Market. The Broadway Food Palace is an Eastern European store, featuring a large deli and prepared foods department along with a butcher and some grocery items.
This is the back of the store, facing the parking lot. The front of the store faces Broadway...
Heading in, my interior pictures are rather limited but we're going to roll with it anyway...
An unfortunate picture of the beautiful deli and prepared foods case, which runs along one entire side wall of the approximately 5,000 square foot store.
Butcher in the front corner.
Grocery, dairy, and frozen take up the rest of the store's space on the opposite wall. Up next we're going to head out west on Broadway for a look at a store in Elmwood Park on The Market Report, before turning north along the river and seeing one final store in Fair Lawn.