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TOUR: World Supermarket - North Plainfield, NJ

World Supermarket
Owner: Felix Pineda
Opened: 2017
Cooperative: Retail Grocers Group
Location: 314 Somerset St, North Plainfield, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Another day, another World Supermarket! We saw the original store on Front Street in Plainfield yesterday, which opened around 2012, and this newer one on Somerset Street in North Plainfield came along a little later, in 2017. At 6300 square feet, it's a bit smaller than the first one. This is also our third store today, so if you haven't yet checked out our first two, please do so here and here!
The interior is clearly newer than the other one, but it's also more split up. There are two main rooms: one, to the left, has the register, grocery aisles, and frozen foods. Then, there's a second storefront to the right which has produce and dairy. There's also a third room off of the first that has a butcher and a deli.
The aisles, as we can see, are extremely narrow. I don't recall seeing shopping carts at this location.
Now on to the butcher/deli room...
Sadly, there were too many people standing around in the room for me to get a really good picture, so we're stuck with this...
Nonfoods are in another corner on the back wall of the store as we go from the first room into the second...
But as cramped as the store is, things do open up as we go into the produce and dairy room.
What separates a store like this from a corner bodega or convenience store, to me, is the meat and produce departments. They have a lot more perishables than your average corner store.
Dairy is in the front corner here.
And as strange a place as that is to end the tour, that's where it will have to end. This is a very nice (tiny!) grocery store though, and the people at both World locations were quite nice as well. Now tomorrow we're back over to Front Street in Plainfield for a greengrocer shop here on The Independent Edition!