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It's the Great Swamp, Charlie Brown! Tucked in between three highways (as so many things in New Jersey are) -- NJ-24 to the east, INT-287 to the west, and INT-78/US-22 to the south, the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is 7800 acres of protected land near the border of Morris, Union, and Somerset counties. And instead of grouping our next stores around a city, we're going to group them around the Great Swamp, which is just beautiful for hiking, by the way, along with the neighboring Lord Stirling Park in Basking Ridge and nearby Loantaka Brook Reservation in Morris Township. And if it feels like things have changed, they have -- we are out of the eastern part of the state, the congested Union, Essex, and Bergen/Passaic counties. We do have a tiny bit of Union left (New Providence and Berkeley Heights), but these are much more suburban towns bordering expansive green space. So for our next group, we're definitely in the suburbs, and as we continue north through the middle part of NJ we'll definitely be outside of the big cities and ugly highways that everyone associates with the Garden State. We're going to start in the southeast in New Providence, and pass through Berkeley Heights, Long Hill, and Bedminster from east to west along the southern border of the Great Swamp, then turn north for Bernardsville and Mendham. We'll then wrap up in the northeastern corner of the Great Swamp for Chatham and Madison. We have only one post here on The Independent Edition out this way, and we will be seeing stores mostly over on The Market Report and a few former supermarkets on Grocery Archaeology. Head over to The Market Report and come back here tomorrow for our first two stops in New Providence!