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Look Inside: Green Village Farm - Plainfield, NJ

Green Village Farm
Owner: unknown
Opened: 2015
Cooperative: none
Location: 149 E Front St, Plainfield, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Green Village Farm is our next stop here downtown in Plainfield! It's a small storefront, but it goes very far back so it's a pretty substantial greengrocer at just under 7,000 square feet. Unfortunately, the outside could use some work as we can see above with (oddly) no sign and peeling paint.
It's a fascinating building though, about four stories high but the entire front is bricked over. Are those apartments? Could the building have been a theater, which were frequently tall like that? Anyway, until about 2015 this store was called the Plainfield Farmers Market; when Green Village took over, they put a banner in the middle of the overhang but it has since been removed, leaving only the sign in the window.
We're going to tour the store from the front entrance, but there's also an entrance and exit in the back that lead to a municipal parking lot. Let's head in...
Okay, the store is looking much better inside than outside! Most of the space is taken up by its produce department, with some grocery items on the left side and a butcher counter in the back.
Another cool old ceiling here, too. Like what we saw at World Supermarket, it's likely original to the space when it had some other function.
The register is in the back here, and it seems to be primarily designed for people using the parking lot entrance in the rear. I wonder how many people actually come in off the street like I did.
Butcher counter (with what looks like a brand-new case) here in the back of the store. The register is just behind me, and the rear entrance is out of frame to my right. Now that's all for Green Village Farm, but we have two very different stores coming up tomorrow -- some very interesting things to see for sure! Head over to Grocery Archaeology to see one and the other will be right here on The Independent Edition.