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Snapshot: Plainfield Health Food Store - Plainfield, NJ

Plainfield Health Food Store
Owner: Moo Han
Opened: 1989 under current ownership
Cooperative: none
Location: 218 E Front St, Plainfield, NJ
Photographed: July 2020
Unfortunately, it looks as though Health Food Service (which today is the Plainfield Health Food Store) is more of a vitamin and supplement store than a food store, but come on, that sign was too good to just walk by without photographing! The building has been painted many times it seems, but the sign has probably been up for several decades. But wait, that's not all for today! We also have a former A&P just across the street over on Grocery Archaeology. And tomorrow, we have our final day of downtown Plainfield with one tour on The Market Report and a snapshot here on The Independent Edition!


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    1. Hard to place exactly the age -- it certainly looks like art deco style, but I have to doubt it's been there that long (because that would've been the 40s). I would bet it's probably more like the 70s, and likely designed to look older.


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