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TOUR: Market Fresh Supermarket - Rosebank, Staten Island, NY

Market Fresh Supermarket
Owner: Kenny Othman
Opened: 2018
Cooperative: Krasdale
Location: 570 Tompkins Ave, Rosebank, Staten Island, NY
Photographed: March 2020
This former Walgreens was converted to the independent Market Fresh Supermarket, owned by the same family that owns the Key Food on Flatbush Ave. Market Fresh also had a location in Wood-Ridge, NJ, which has since gone out of business (but will be coming to the blog here soon). There's another Market Fresh out there somewhere, but I've yet to figure out where that location is.
As I mentioned, this store was a Walgreens. And the restroom in the basement still has a Walgreens garbage can!
The 8,000 square foot store begins with produce lining both sides of the first aisle. Deli is at the back, with meats on the back wall. Dairy, oddly, is in the middle of the store in aisle 3, with frozen foods in the last aisle.
The store, although it's not large, is very nice. It features a very modern design and lots of interesting products. Its opening may have been the last nail in the coffin for Freshway just a few blocks away.
Meats line the back wall of the store. Because this building was not previously a supermarket, all the fixtures are brand new.
Dairy in aisle 3...
And because of the store's small size, the aisles are very narrow. However, it does mean that there's a pretty good product selection, including more specialty items, in a very small space.
Frozen and nonfoods items line the last aisle.
And in the front corner of the store, behind customer service, is the beer cave.
We've seen a store with a Beer Cave before, and we will again.
A look across the front end from the entrance/produce side of the store. Customer service is under the security camera screens, with the beer cave around the corner from that. And that about wraps up the Market Fresh! Come back tomorrow as we cross the Staten Island Expressway to see one final store in the Rosebank area.


  1. No clue specifically, but there appears to be another small chain (3 stores) called Market Fresh in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh and Middletown, NY (their site is, though it doesn't seem to have any connection.

    1. Yep. They're not related, and those three were previously Associated supermarkets. They're affiliated with Allegiance (Foodtown) while this one is Krasdale (CTown/Bravo). The folks also briefly had a store in Elizabeth, NJ... ...this one lasted for a few months. Bad location for sure but I think there was probably something else wrong with it.


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