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Look Inside: Wholesome 360 - PLG, Brooklyn, NY

Wholesome 360
Owner: unknown
Opened: May-July 2019
Cooperative: none
Location: 1351 Nostrand Ave, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed: May 2019
This is an exclusive for The Independent Edition! Wholesome 360 had such a short life that very few pictures of it in business exist on the internet. It was open only from May to July 2019. More recently, a new market called Gourmet Garden Market has opened in the space. (Its corporate entity was formed in July 2019, but didn't open until a while after that.)
The store, which is located directly across the street from a CTown Supermarket, also featured a hot food bar and coffee shop with a seating area.
Next to that, it offered several aisles of gourmet and organic/natural grocery items, along with produce and dairy. Empty cases at the back of the store looked to be preparing for a meat department that never opened.
The store, although it was very small, was still very nice. You could hear a pin drop inside, though. Even the tiny CTown across the street was very busy.
The owner said the store closed for personal, not financial reasons, but I suspect it was a combination of both.
Bulk foods and produce in the front of the store.
Oddly, these doors were closed and locked. Wouldn't it make sense to walk into the produce department and not through the coffee shop where people are sitting just to do your food shopping? In the last aisle, we have a pretty sparsely-stocked dairy department, and if you zoom in, you can see where the meat cases were going to be.
I wish Gourmet Garden luck in this location! And that wraps up our travels on Nostrand Avenue. We're going to be heading west to two more stores before we finish up the Flatbush group!


  1. Great timing with this store, then! Glad you were able to document it.

    1. Yeah, and even better -- it was accidental! I only happened to come across it when I was at the CTown across the street. See, I typically plan my big day trips at least a month out and at that point, this store wouldn't have been opened yet!

  2. Perhaps that Verizon truck outside the closed door has something to do with it (like they were working on something outside that required the area to be blocked off)?

    Or maybe if they weren't getting too many customers, they just wanted to be sure everyone saw the items (the coffee and hot food) that are likely more profitable and need to be sold quicker to stay fresh?

    1. Ah, both of those are very reasonable suggestions. But if you look at the exterior shot, you can see that the cones blocking the door don't seem to be obstructing anything else. (You can also see the reflection of the CTown in the front windows...) I'd bet the second possibility is right!


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