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Coming Soon!

Our next stop after leaving Brooklyn is Staten Island! Now we have been to Staten Island before, seeing a Key Food Marketplace, a Superfresh that has since closed, and a Met Foodmarket. But, we all know... (oh come on I have to put my song gimmick on here too???)
Ahem. (Okay, so the universe found my gimmick, which was a link to the YouTube video of the song "We Can Do Better" by Matt Simons, which you can find here. Or you can see how the whole cringeworthy joke was executed over on The Market Report.) Anyway, we're going to tour EIGHT new supermarkets, see a NEW Superfresh, and RETURN to that Met Foodmarket for a full interior tour! Uh... maybe no one else is as excited about that as I am. But anyway, stay tuned for two weeks of Staten Island.