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Look Inside: Country Coco - Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY

Country Coco
Owner: Hwan C Sung
Opened: 2013
Cooperative: none
Location: 3114 Church Ave, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY
Photographed: May 2019
Our store today is a 3400 square foot Caribbean grocery store that's close to central Flatbush. Previously the Nebraskaland Supermarket owned by Mun Kwan Cha (who also previously owned what's now the Church Fruit Farm and currently owns tomorrow's MK Marketplace), this store changed ownership and branding in 2013.
This is another narrow and deep store. While it doesn't carry meat, as Nebraskaland did, it has a large produce and Caribbean grocery selection.
The store was also renovated in 2013, bringing in a larger produce department and new flooring.
Great mix of basic and international produce items. Heading to the back of the store, we encounter the grocery department, with a heavy emphasis on Caribbean and natural/specialty products.
Refrigerator cases mostly stocked with single-serve beverages on the left side wall of the store.
Grace, a brand of Caribbean food, is heavily represented here. (The brand name is even displayed on the store's awning outside.)
Country Coco is a nice looking store with good products, and it gives MK Marketplace a block away a run for its money. Come back tomorrow to look inside that store!


  1. Is it bad if every time I read the word Caribbean in this post I pronounced it different ways inside my head?

    1. Shhh... if you don't tell me that, I'll never know!

      Actually, many of the Caribbean-focused stores in this area are more likely to use the phrase "West Indian" than "Caribbean" so maybe I should use that more.


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