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TOUR: Holiday Farms - Roslyn Heights, NY

Holiday Farms
Owner: David Mandell
Opened: 1999
Cooperative: Key Food Stores
Location: 374 Roslyn Rd, Roslyn Heights, NY
Photographed: December 2018
I don't know for sure, but this store has the look of an old Grand Union. Even with an expansion, it's only about 10,000 square feet. But it's a great looking store, and it's had some nice renovations. The exterior has recently received a new awning, and it formerly looked like this.
You enter and turn left into a room with the deli and bakery. The front wall is to the left in the above picture.
I suppose it's no surprise, for this Long Island store with a Jewish owner, that the deli is the centerpiece. It's enormous and beautifully stocked with prepared foods and lunchmeat.
The deli/bakery room is an expansion. There's also a small salad bar facing the main store.
And now we move into the original part of the supermarket, starting with produce in the first aisle. Meats run along the back wall with dairy in the last aisle and frozen in the third aisle, strangely.
Here we're looking from the front end towards the deli/bakery room, with produce to the right.
The produce section is packed with products for a very small space, and the decor is very successful, if a little outdated.
We see more of the oversized lettering along the back wall for the meat department.
I'm not sure why the frozen foods are in the third aisle, but they are. It's not halfway across the store either, as was common in A&P stores, as there are nine aisles.
The grocery aisles are packed with selection too, with a skew to the upscale given the area the store is located in. Nice flooring!
Dairy lines the last aisle of the store.
And there's a quick look at the front-end from the produce side! Doesn't look like the checkout lane markers match the rest of the decor, and the checkstands themselves are certainly much older. If this was a Grand Union, I could see them being left over from then! Anyway, that about wraps up our Holiday Farms tour, and up next we'll see another Key Food affiliate not far away in Albertson over on The Market Report. (By the way, there is a second Holiday Farms in Glen Oaks, which is a former Waldbaum's.)


  1. I like the oversized letters. Creative way to work around the small size of the bulkhead coming out of the ceiling.

    1. It is! You have to get very creative with your decor in these small, and frequently oddly-shaped, spaces.

  2. has quite a bit of info - not sure that I see this listed, but there is a posting from 2014 of someone who says they have a list of locations - no idea if they are still able to be contacted at the listed email.

    I did see several towns and other names that look to be NYC area, so it might be of help if not in this particular store then for others you have posted (or have and will be posting in the future).

    1. Thank you for the link! I've seen that previously and at one point was even attempting to compile an all-inclusive spreadsheet of all the former Grand Union stores (that never quite made it to completion). I know the Hope Street Grade A Market in Stamford, CT was a Grand Union; do you know whether the Newfield Ave store ever was? That one very much looks like a more deluxe version of this store model. This location also bears some similarity to the CTown in Amityville, NY, which was in fact a Grand Union.

      Also, my memory is a little fuzzy on this one, but I do believe I contacted that person and got some information, though I don't recall whether I ever updated my spreadsheet for all that. I haven't been able to keep up with all those spreadsheets, so I no longer post them on the blog but if you want to see any of them for any reason, just let me know.

      Thank you as always for your insight!

    2. Sorry, not much help in those areas (CT or around the NYC area) as I am more upstate (just south of Albany). I just noticed that the posting there had quite a few names that I've heard that I would think of as more in the NYC area that might give you something to work with, depending on where you are posting stores at different points.


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